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Lipolysis Injections contain three fat burning ingredients: phosphatidylcholine (PPC — also known as lechitin), deoxycholate (DC) and hyaluronidase.

Originally, PPC and DC were designed to be administered intravenously in certain cases of health and weight problems (a treatment we offer as part of our Lipo Boost IM injection).


In the case of Lipolysis Injections, PPC, DC and one additional ingredient – the enzyme hyaluronidase – are injected subdermally in order to dissolve fat and contour protrusive fatty areas around the cheeks, chin, stomach, arms, calves and thighs.

Lipolysis Injections are a clinically proven treatment choice for benign lumps of brown fat known as lipomas, as well as hemifacial fat hypertrophy of the face and/or body.


Lipolysis Injections can safely reduce fat in the following areas:

  • Double chin, lower cheeks, nasolabial folds and jawline;

  • Inner and outer thighs, including saddlebags;

  • Upper and lower stomach;

  • Upper and lower back, including the iliac crest;

  • Calves and ankles (‘cankles’);

  • Upper arms.



Directly after Lipolysis Injections, you may experience a mild burning sensation under the skin; this typically resolves after one to two hours. Thereafter, swelling and erythema (redness) will persist for several days. These symptoms will resolve within one or two weeks, depending on the amount injected.

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