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Please find our Eternal Youth endorsed and accredited Foundation, Advanced and Master Classes below, which are delivered through the ‘Cosmetic Treatments and Injectables Academy’, our training provider of injectable, and advanced aesthetic treatments and training.

The applications and methods of injectable treatments differ vastly between Botulinum Toxin (commonly known as Botox) and Dermal Filler, and for those without any experience working with needles, it can be very intense.


Therefore, we offer a ‘step by step’ approach to teaching to promote safety, confidence and best practice within our sector and is unique within our industry.

Accredited Courses are carried out, preferably in your own salons on a ‘one to one basis’. Alternatively, we can arrange training at one of our training centres in South Yorkshire.


We require 5 models for each principle so that you gain the experience that you will need to deliver treatments skilfully to your clients.


Pre-study including research, reflection and blended learning is a requirement of this Unit. Training continues with assessments, case studies, witness statements and evidence of application as part of your on-going education.

Master Class and Bespoke Courses are additional courses for the experienced practitioners who are already delivering quality injectable treatments and who want to enhance their learning to expand their skills and knowledge. These can be tailored, where you learn what’s important to you.


We combine any of the training courses that are on our list below to provide a bespoke training package just for you.

Refresher Courses are offered so that you can ‘review’ your skills or to ‘revise’ what you have already learnt.  We often get learners from other training schools and this is an option for those who would like to update their skills.

Assessment Evaluation Days are a Eternal Youth requirement for those students who have studied elsewhere and want to join the Eternal Youth accredited insurance scheme and membership.


However, we do ask that you carry out an ‘assessment session’ for each treatment that you require insurance cover for, prior to joining our insurance.


This is to ensure that you are carrying out treatments to the Eternal Youth accepted standards.

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