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Models required:

We require models for training in all courses that we offer at our training venues in Rotherham.


Prices are always below 50% of the typical treatment cost.


If you would like to be a model, please read below then click the link and complete a registration form. Please indicate what treatments or areas that you would be interested in having.

Tremendous Popularity of Cosmetic Treatments


Cosmetic surgeries – whether it’s a small treatment or a fully-fledged Aesthetic procedure – have become the most effective and time-efficient way to accentuate your youthful appearance or revive your lost beauty.

Most of these aesthetic treatments are short courses that involve a few visits to the expert, who properly examine your case and suggest you the most suitable cosmetic solution.


There is one major issue associated with these cosmetic treatments: they are very expensive. The average cost for a Aesthetic surgery treatment is over £1000, which might not be easily affordable for all.


Discount Cosmetic Treatment

Eternal Youth has been serving its clients with reliable aesthetic treatment training for over 10 years. Because of our highly qualified and fully experienced trainers, we have managed to achieve a reputable position in the beauty industry.

Being well-known in the market, we know that these treatments are usually out of reach for many customers because of their exorbitant price. But, Cosmetic Couture provides special discount cosmetic treatment to models who register for us.

We are here to help you live your dream of becoming a glamorous and aesthetic model, and rule the fashion industry. With plumper lips, smoother hair-free skin, highlighted cheekbones, and more, you can make your appearance unbeatable in the beauty world.

Register free for our latest treatments and give yourself a lavishing makeover.


Why Should You Become Our Cosmetic Model?

If you are still wondering why you should become our cosmetic model and opt for our discount cosmetic treatments, here are a few more potential reasons to answer your question,

  • The treatments that we offer to our aesthetic models are almost half the actual price of the amount that we charge from our regular clients. Now you can image how grand our discount deal is.

  • All the procedures are conducted under the supervision of experienced practitioners, who have studied and researched on these particular treatments for quite a long time.

  • The treatments offered to our aesthetic models are carried out using state-of-the-art technology. Also, most of these treatments are in their beta stage, which means regular clients cannot avail them. They are exclusively available for our models only.

  • Along with surgery, our cosmetic models are also provided with after care services and follow-up treatments to ensure that there are no side effects and the desired result is achieved as soon as possible.


We do not charge any registration fees from those who want to sign up for this scheme. Models can register for free and avail our supreme quality cosmetic services by clicking the link below.

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